Risk Management

Risk taking is an inherent element and integral part of financial services. One of the rewards for successful risk taking in business is profit. On the other hand, excessive and poorly managed risk can lead to losses and thus financial institutions may fail to meet its social and financial objectives. 

Therefore, effective and proactive risk management allows institutions to capitalize on new opportunities and to minimize threats to their financial viability. Banks and microfinance institutions are exposed to a spectrum of risks, which include credit risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk. Managing these risks not only helps financial institutions protect their business and ensure financial stability, but also protect their clients against over-indebtedness and loss of deposits.

We assist you to:

•  Set up and implement an institutional culture of risk management

•  Prepare a comprehensive risk management program addressing different types of risks in your institution

•  Develop and implement a risk management process for risk identification, measurement, monitoring and control

•  Establish and implement a Risk Management Framework

•  Identify control gaps and implement measures

Our solutions incorporate templates for managing your risks, providing predefined or examples of objectives and controls. We can automate your risk management workflows and reports.

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