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Olympia 1A & B
1213 NS Hilversum
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 35 6462 755


The Hilversum Business Park Centre is located within a cutting-edge, architect-designed complex with views towards the town on one side, and the extensive Smithuyserbos area of ancient forest on the other. Hilversum is known as ?media city', being the Netherlands' foremost centre for radio and TV broadcasting. All the Dutch public broadcasting organisations, and many commercial production companies, are located here. The business park also boasts the European headquarters of several large international firms in the financial services, pharmaceuticals and sportswear sectors. Other businesses in town include electrical, telecoms, and furnishing manufacturers. This is an area with several health spas and good shopping centres at Noordse Bosje and Hilvertshop, and it enjoys a thriving tourist trade as a result.


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