• Banking

    We offer consultancy services to retail banks in emerging markets. We focus on operational efficiency and bank risk management, as well as on effective technology solutions using our technology partners.

    Our services include:

    • Operational set up or improvement of new or existing banks
    • Expansion programs, new branch set up
    • Business and strategy planning, financial models
    • Process design and automation, policies and procedures development
    • Risk management services and solutions
    • Staff and management training
    • Technology related services

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  • Microfinance

    Our associates are experienced microfinance professionals with many years of management and project implementation in emerging makets.

    We assist microfinance institutions and investors in:

    • Setting up new MFIs and transforming existing MFIs into regulated institutions
    • Conduct due diligence for potential mergers and acquisitions of MFIs
    • Build an effective and efficienc operational foundation: structure, process and technology
    • Design and business planning for alternative delivery channels models, including bank on wheels, mobile banking
    • Setting up a Risk Management framework and process.

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  • Agriculture

    Financing rural and agriculture based households has experienced a rapid growth over the last years. While the microfinance institutions and development banks have started to reach more of the agriculture entrepreneurs, the outreach of financial services in the agricultural sector is still limited. This is largely because of the irregularity of cash flow in agricultural households, unique and uncontrollable risks, such as weather and input prices, as well as lack of contracted farming and structured organization of the small holder farmers. In addition, conventional approaches to agricultural finance from development banks have been difficult and commercial banks have shed away due to perceived risks and costs. Microfinance institutions did not manage to provide a solution, as their products are still very expensive and not catering for the seasonality of the crops. 

    Advision Finance can help financial insitutions understanding and applying the value chain approach, enhanced with the alternative delivery channels implementation for small holder farmers, in order to provide financial services to small holder farmers in a succesful, sustainable way. We assist in developing strategic partnerships that increase opportunities, and implement technologies and approaches to reduce cost and risk in agricultural finacing. 

    Our services include design and roll out of agriculture financing models for microfinance institutions and banks, development of savings and loan products for farmers, assist with financial literacy programs, as well as facilitating partnerships with relevant parties within the value chain.

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  • Technology

    The financial sector landscape is dynamic. The technology that enhances it changes even more rapidly and it becomes more convenient for the customers. Hence, the customers expectations change continously. Advision Finance promotes technology solutions that help banks and microfinance institutions combine hyper efficiency processes with capability of responding to changes in customer expectations. 

    We engage with innovative technology providers and leverage on their technology to provide effective solutions to the financial sector in emerging markets. We use our industry knowledge to help the technology providers developing or adapting their existing technology to the needs of the emerging markets.

    For financial institutions, we provide access to our partners technology, enhanced with our operational and implementation know-how.

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