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    • Who we are

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        We are a consortium of partners and specialists in banking, micro finance, agriculture and technology, providing services and solutions to financial institutions in emerging markets.

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        Our Business Philosophy:  Always treat your customer’s business and goals as you treat your own. Our advice should always be implementable in the most cost efficient way. Our solutions should lead to the customer’s success.

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        Our Mission is to provide effective and practical services and tools that will help financial institutions succeed in developing countries. We strive to provoke companies and financial institutions to think and implement innovation that leads to long-term success for both the institutions and their customers.

    Our Advantages:


    • We are a team of passionate, dynamic and "full of good ideas" individuals
    • Over 100 years of combined experience in Europe, Africa and Asia
    • Practical, on the ground experience and know-how
    • Diverse expertise: banking and micro finance management, agri business development, operational processes engineering, core banking applications, electronic delivery channels and more.
    • Our solutions are practical and effective
    • We promote simplicity of internal processes, ease of understanding for users and customers
    • Our services are enhanced with technology solutions, through our technology alliances
    • We lived and worked in multi-cultural environment
    • We provide services in multiple languages


  • A few words about us

    AdVision Finance is  privately owned limited liability company, with the registered office in the Netherlands. Our team is made of professionals with extensive experience in banking, micro finance, agriculture and technology.


    Advision Finance helps institutions maximise their performance. We focus on operational excellence as a foundation for growth and for achieving our customers’ visions.


    We provide and implement practical solutions to improve the operational efficiency of our customers. We promote disruptive technology solutions that bring innovation in product and service delivery for financial institutions and agriculture focused organisations.


    We work mostly in emerging countries, helping organisations to grow in the existing markets or penetrate new markets. Our customers are banks and other financial institutions, agriculture focus organisations, technology providers, investors and other stakeholders that operate in the financial sector.  

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